FAQs: StreamTV


  1. What happens to my recordings when I downgrade the DVR Hrs? Do I lose all my recordings?

    1. No, you do not lose all your recordings. Only the older ones are deleted which “fall out” of the new DVR hrs.

    2. For example: If you have 200 DVR hrs subscription and you had 100 hrs of recordings. When you downgrade to 50 hrs subscription, you will lose only the 50 hrs of oldest recordings.

  2. What happens to my recordings when I downgrade the content offer? Do I lose all my recordings associated with those content channels?

    1. Except for HBO channels, you do not lose recordings for your original content offers. HBO content provider network doesn’t allow for the recordings to remain, so if you downgrade and remove the HBO content offer, any existing HBO recordings will be deleted as well.

    2. For example: If you had “Premium Expanded” content offer subscription when they downgrade to “Basic” content offer, they WILL NOT lose their recordings (except for HBO if there are HBO channels in that offer)from “Premium Expanded” offer channels.

  3. I am downgrading a feature offer, but I ended up losing all the recordings instead. For example: I downgraded from 100 DVR hrs to 50 DVR hrs and I had 25 DVR hrs of recordings. I expected to see all those 25 DVR hrs intact when after the downgrade, I lost all my recordings. Why?

    1. Check the API call for provisioning. For featured offers, the billing integrator just needs to send “create” event. Mobi will cancel the existing DVR offer and create the new offer being sent. They don’t have to send cancel for DVR offer unless they actually want to remove DVR or STREAM feature from user’s account. If they send cancel as part of the API, then the recordings are going to be deleted


App Behavior

  1. What is the timeout for the Mobi app if user goes to sleep with the TV and app on?

    1. After 4 hours, we ask if the user is still watching, after another 5 mins we kill the app. And this value is NOT configurable.

  2. Is there a known time delay between the actual feed and the Mobi feed in an operator’s app?

    1. Yes. It’s up to 2 mins. 30 seconds to get to SAC + 18 sec to encode and segment + whatever delay the client introduces. Android 15 sec. Apple 30+ seconds.


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